Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hidden Pond

I saw this park on a map of my city and decided to visit it. It was pretty isolated with no signs or parking or obvious entrances. To make a long story short, I found this pond. I was the only one in the whole park as far as I could see. It was nice.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Japanese Garden Autumn

This painting is based on reference photographs I took quite some time ago while walking through Memphis Botanic Gardens. One section of the gardens used to be called the Japanese Garden if I remember correctly. That day the fall colors were brilliant.

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Wolf River Bank Scene

This is a typical scene on one of our local rivers if you are adventurous enough to scramble over the roots and mud down to the edge of the water. Visually speaking, I was attracted to all of the contrasts of lights and darks and textures of rough bark and water. For some hard to define reason, I feel an affinity for this kind of landscape with its tangled randomness of mossy, muddy, thrusting trunks and branches hanging over the water. Its my land. Its familiar. Its beautiful.

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Recycled Can

This is a typical thing to see in just about anyone's shed, barn or other outbuilding in rural America. What attracts my attention is the beauty of the label design itself and the effects of age and slanting light. Found objects like these also call to mind the owner. How, when and by whom was this can and its contents put to use?

This image uses a lot of artistic license. I made up the background by looking at some other shelves. The label on the can was found online and wrapped around a coffee can.

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