Saturday, March 29, 2014

Soccer Boys 2

Second in a series of soccer paintings. In this one, I was interested in the curving line of the player on the right and how the shapes fit together. Also you can feel the potential energy of the player on the left.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soccer Boys

Soccer season is here again. My son's team is 2 and 1 so far. The games are fun to watch, unless you forget to bring enough warm clothes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Carolina Wren

I took some pictures of this wren on our feeder. He was actually eating a little seed from a peanut butter and seed encrusted magnolia seed pod, but I didn't think that would read well in a painting. Wrens do eat berries occasionally…according to the National Berry Eating Bird Council of America.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Colonel Woolford Q. Woolington III

The Colonel has been a bit upset lately. And who can blame him? The gardeners have been pruning the forsythias too closely and the upstairs staff have neglected to dust the globes of the chandelier again. And then there is the squadron of nephews lounging around the estate trying to ingratiate themselves with dear old uncle in the hopes they will be included in the will. "In my day," harrumphed the colonel, "young people had more spunk!"

For this painting I broke out my old acrylics and went back into illustration mode from years gone by. I even found a bottle of Liquitex acrylic medium that was still good after maybe 25 years.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spice Bush Swallowtail

On a family trip in East Tennessee we were climbing a mountain called Huckleberry Bald and I took photos of the various flora and fauna. The internet is great for identifying things. This butterfly is a Spice Bush Swallowtail and the flower is a Turk's Cap Lily.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bunny Bunch

I found a reference photo on and had to test my design ability. The baby rabbits were camouflaged in their background in the photo, so my job was to bring them out, while maintaining some of the same background blending feel.

Model T Roadster Runabout

My boys and I took a side trip a few years ago to see the Dixie Gun Works in Union City, Tennessee. This is a museum full of old guns and other artifacts…and a separate large warehouse room full of antique beautifully restored cars.

I took some photos while I was there and found this old Model T. I looked it up and it is called a Roadster Runabout.

Gray Day at Reelfoot

Reelfoot Lake is a natural lake in northwest Tennessee. It was formed in the 1811 earthquake. 

My dad used to take my brother and me fishing up there. We would catch a lot of big round bream and a few bass. A few years ago, I took my boys up there and we took a walk and took some photos. Those are cypress trees and cypress "knees" sticking out of the water.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Paintings on eBay

I have 4 paintings on ebay right now…starting bid $20.00. Go to ebay and do a search on "Jeff Atnip".

Lady on a horse

Here is the first lady on a horse I have ever painted…if I remember correctly. Anyway, I was looking through some photo reference I had taken a couple of summers ago. This was at a small town 4th of July parade. I eliminated all of the distracting background elements and concentrated on finding the colors and shapes to help highlight this subject.

Early for Easter...

Here is the first rabbit I have ever painted. I started on a cherry red acrylic background and painted oils on top of that. I like how it turned out. I found reference for this on

Another finished home portrait

Here is an image of my latest finished home portrait.