Thursday, August 15, 2013

Small Cascade, Algonquin Park, Canada

Here is another painting inspired by my recent canoeing/backpacking trip to Canada. We found our island campsite and put up our tents etc... Then we canoed to a nearby island where there were waterfalls and rapids. This is one of the smaller side cascades away from the main surge of water.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another painting from Tellico Plains Trip...Steer Creek Road

Another painting from our recent trip. This is the road off of the main highway where we turned off to find our cabin. I tried to get permission to paint on site, but was unable to find any landowners at home. So I contented myself with some photo reference.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trip To Tellico Plains, Tennessee

August 2013 - We just got back from a trip to east Tennessee near the Cherokee National Forest. We stayed in a cabin near Tellico Plains and I enjoyed the time I had to paint. 

 Bald River Falls
The falls drop over 100 feet. My 16 year old son climbed up and jumped off at a point around 24 feet from the bottom. My goal was to capture the feel of the swift water and the subtle shadows and other dark places.

 View from Huckleberry Bald
We walked a trail through woods and meadows to reach the top of this 5600 foot mountain. A "bald" is an appalachian phenomenon still unexplained in which some of the mountain tops are devoid of trees. We walked through the grassy trail listening to the hum of thousands of bumblebees enjoying the red and white clover blossoms. The woods were full of huckleberries and blueberries. The view, of course, was spectacular.

 Sycamores By The Creek
This is the creek that wound around our cabin.

 Towhee Falls
This is one of the many beautiful waterfalls in the nearby hills. We had it all to ourselves. I painted while my wife and sons explored and read. Those overhanging leaves are rhododendron.